An innovative architectural
visionary tool that allows
a project from plan or perception,
identify it’s brand or character
at the conceptual stage.

Collar Architecture is a collaboration of The Collar Mile
and our permanent ethic to continuously push forward,
especially with the demanding financial commitment required
for both commercial and domestic property and investment projects.

Our sister site Collar Creative have been designing and
visualising property and project interests for some time now,
it allows our client’s vision and expectations come to life
before any huge financial or contractual commitment.

This is why we have evolved a client tool that unfolds
projects by visualising them prior to their pledge,
giving clients transparency to their plans.

From commercial restaurant interiors to domestic loft
conversions and new builds, shops to sheds, Initially our
consultants showcase their strengths from pencil drawings
to rendered 3D visuals. Core materials, colours and
substrates are added along with furniture, fixtures and
fittings, all supported and shadowed by our own
in-house interior designers ensuring the correct look and
feel matches or surpasses your vision.

Collar Creative

Our sister is talented too…

A characterful creative consultancy that breathes sense,
knowledge and uniqueness.

They are a small creative group that pride themselves on
their extensive knowledge and bright and beautiful characters.

Collar consultants share vast experience across all forms of
media, and at such a proud and self satisfactory level of
wisdom, our handful of photographers, editors, visualisers,
creatives and sublime digital gurus, can pretty much be
confident we can cater for any challenge that our industry
throws at us daily.

Click here, it will take you to their own site…